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China Chess League

China Chess League
Chinese 中国国际象棋联赛

The China Chess League (CCL) (Chinese: 中国国际象棋联赛) is a Chinese professional league for chess clubs. The league is organized by the Chinese Chess Association. It is sponsored by Youngor Group and was sponsored by the Shandong Torch Real Estate Group (2005-2009) and it has been able to determine the league's sponsorship name. Seasons usually run from April to November each year. The league is contested by 10 clubs. Under the rules of the league each team is allowed to register seven Chinese players and an unlimited quota of foreign players. The rules require five boards with at least two female players and a 25 min+30 sec increment rapid game must also be played on one of the boards.

For the 2008 season, the league has attracted 26 GMs, three IMs, and eleven WGMs. This season, ten teams are competing over 18 rounds in six different cities in a six-month period, from March to August.

For the 2009 season, the league was won by Shanghai, with the top male and female scorers being Wang Hao and Ju Wenjun respectively.

Clubs and players

Ten teams are represented:

Beijing Aigo Team 北京爱国者国际象棋队

China Mobile Group Chongqing Company Ltd 重庆移动通信国际象棋队

Hebei 国台酒河北国际象棋队

Jiangsu 蓝珀通信江苏队

Shandong 山东玲珑轮胎队

Bank of Qingdao 青岛银行队

Qingdao Yucai 青岛育才中学国际象棋队

Shanghai 上海建桥学院国际象棋队

Tianjin 天津南开大学国际象棋队

Zhejiang 浙江队

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