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Yu Yangyi

Country China
Born 8 June 1994
Huangshi, Hubei
Title Grandmaster (2009
Peak rating 2747 (January 2016)

Yu Yangyi (Chinese: 余泱漪; born 8 June 1994) is a Chinese chess grandmaster. He qualified for the Grandmaster title at 14 years, 11 months and 23 days old in 2009. In December 2014, he won the first Qatar Masters Open tournament, beating among others Vladimir Kramnik and Anish Giri.

He was a member of the gold medal-winning Chinese team at the 41st Chess Olympiad in 2014 and at the World Team Chess Championship in 2015. In the 2014 Olympiad he also won the individual gold medal on board 3, thanks to his rating performance of 2912, the best of the entire event.

Outside the chess world, Yu studies Sports Economics at Beijing Sports University.


China Chess League

Yu Yangyi plays for Beijing chess club in the China Chess League (CCL).