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Chinese Chess Association

Chinese Chess Association
Abbreviation CCA
Formation 1962 (made independent in 1986)
Type Sports organisation
Legal status autonomous, non-profit
Purpose Chess
Headquarters Beijing, China
Official language Chinese language
Parent organization Zhongguo Qiyuan
Affiliations FIDE (joined in 1975)

The Chinese Chess Association (CCA) (中国国际象棋协会) is the governing body of chess in China and is one of the federations of FIDE. It is also a member of the Asian Chess Federation (ACF). It is the principal authority over all chess events in China, including the China Chess League (CCL). Founded in 1986, the CCA is headquartered in Beijing.


Due to its unpopularity in the country the game of chess was first affiliated to the Chinese Xiangqi Association when it was established in November 1962. With the achievements made by Chinese chess players in major world tournaments and the increasing popularity of the game in China, the Chinese Chess Association was formed in 1986, with Hong Lin as the President.


CCA is a member of the National Olympic Committee and officially joined FIDE in 1975. Its aims are to promote and popularize the game of chess and general organization of the chess sport in China, represent the country on the international stage, coordinate the activities of clubs and regional associations as well as organization of individual and team tournaments and championships (in different age categories). It promotes the participation of the game in schools.

The CCA selects and finances the Chinese national team for the biannual Chess Olympiad, World Team Chess Championships (every 4 years), Asian Team Chess Championships, Asian Chess Games, Asian Indoor Games, national chess summits, and it also funds players' training and for them to participate in individual tournaments.

National team

Following is a namelist of the national chess team setup:



Officials of the Chinese Chess Association are appointed by the National Sports Committee which also provides funding.

The Chinese Chess Association, in 1993, received an endowment fund from Singapore businessman Mr. Lee Seng Tee who donated about US $1.5 million. Ten percent of this donation was for the establishment of the Chess library in China QiYuan. The remaining 90% were deposited in a fixed account from which the Chinese Chess Association drew interest mainly for its administrative operations and to send players for overseas competitions. In 1997, the Chinese Chess Association founded a computer firm to fund its other activities on an annual basis.

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