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Yu Shaoteng

Full name Yu Shaoteng
Country China
Born March 26, 1979
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Title Grandmaster (2004)
Peak rating 2550 (July 2002)
Yu Shaoteng
Traditional Chinese 餘少騰
Simplified Chinese 余少腾

Yu Shaoteng (Chinese: 余少腾; Pinyin: Yú Shǎoténg; born March 26, 1979 in Guangzhou, Guangdong) is a Chinese chess Grandmaster, and is the personal trainer of chess prodigy Hou Yifan. He took part in the FIDE World Chess Championship 2002, but was knocked out in the first round by Zhang Zhong. In 2004, he became China's 17th Grandmaster at the age of 25.

Grandmaster title

He obtained four GM norms before being awarded the GM title. They were at:

National team

Yu has competed in the China national chess team in the Chess Olympiad once at the 33rd Chess Olympiad in 1998 (games played 4: +1, =2, -1), and twice at the Asian Team Chess Championships (1999-2003) (games played 7: +2, =2, -3).

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