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List of FIDE Member Federations

There are at present (May 2006) 158 member nations of FIDE.

Members of FIDE

The following is the list of countries that are part of the United Nations. There are currently 141 U.N. members in FIDE. The FIDE does not allow to join new members if they are not U.N. members. Note technical issues such that the names for Macedonia and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) do not collate in a modern fashion.

Asia and Oceania

Non-U.N. entities that are part of FIDE

Several members of FIDE are not members of the United Nations, mostly components of larger states, such as US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Jersey, Guernsey, Faroe Islands, Macau and Hong Kong.

Gibraltar and the Island of Sark and several tiny island-nations are suggesting that they may apply for membership in FIDE. Quebec applied in 1988 but its application for membership was denied.

There are 16 entities that are not U.N. members that are counted in FIDE; 9 are members of the IOC and the other seven are not:

Non-IOC members. See also

No FIDE membership

A few major countries have not joined FIDE. These include Saudi Arabia, Oman and North Korea. The United Kingdom is not a member of FIDE, but England, Scotland and Wales are members of FIDE.

Asia and Oceania

Table of Member Federations

Afghanistan Afghan National Chess Federation 3.4 1984
Albania Federata Shqiptare e Shahut 1.5a 1974  
Algeria Fed. Algeriénne des Échecs 4.1 1968  
Andorra Federacio d`Escacs Vall d`Andorra (FEVA) 1.10 1979  
Angola Federação Angolana de Xadrez 4.3 1980
Argentina Fed. Argentina de Ajedrez 2.5 1924  
Armenia Armenian Chess Federation 1.5b 1992  
Aruba Federashon di Ajedrez di Aruba (FAA) 2.3.5 2001
Australia Australian Chess Federation Inc. 3.6 1926  
Austria Oesterreichischer Schachbund 1.2a 1926  
Azerbaijan Chess Federation of Azerbaijan 1.8 1992  
Bahamas Bahamas Chess Federation 2.3.5 1974  
Bahrain Bahrain Mind Sports Association 3.1 1982  
Bangladesh Bangladesh Chess Federation 3.2a 1979
Barbados Barbados Chess Federation Inc 2.3.5 1981  
Belarus Belarus Chess Federation 1.8 1992  
Belgium Fed. Royale Belge des Echecs 1.1b 1924  
Belize Belize Chess Federation 2.3.2 1990
Bermuda Bermuda Chess Association 2.3.5 1976
Bhutan Bhutan Chess Federation 3.2a 2004
Brazil Confederação Brasileira de Xadrez 2.4 1924  
Brunei Darussalam Brunei Chess Federation 3.3 1980  
Cambodia Cambodian Chess Federation 3.3 2000
Cameroon FECADE (Fédération Camerounaise des Échecs) 4.4 none none
Canada Chess Federation of Canada 2.2 1934  
Central African Republic Chess Federation of Central African Republic 4.4 2010
Chile Federacion Deportiva Nacional Ajedrez Federado de Chile (AJEFECH) 2.5
China PROC Chess Association 3.5 1975  
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Chess Association 3.3 2004
Colombia Colombian Chess Federation (FECODAZ) Federación Colombiana de Ajedrez 2.3.4 1950
Comoros Comoros Islands Chess Federation 4.3 2011
Congo Federation Congolaise des jeux d`Echecs 4.3
Costa Rica Federacion Central de Ajedrez 2.3.2  
Croatia Hrvatski Sahovski Savez 1.2b 1992  
Cuba Federación Cubana de Ajedrez 2.3.3 1939
Cyprus Cyprus Chess Federation 1.10 1961  
Czech Republic Sachovy Svaz Ceske Republiky 1.4 1924  
Denmark Dansk Skak Union 1.3 1926  
Dominican Republic Fed. Dominicana de Ajedrez 2.3.5 1963
Ecuador Fed. Ecuatoriana de Ajedrez 2.3.5 1939
Egypt Egyptian Chess Federation 4.2 1950/1980
El Salvador Fed. Salvadorena de Ajedrez 2.3.2 1966  
England English Chess Federation 1.1a 1924  
Estonia Eesti Maleliit 1.7 1931/1991  
Ethiopia Ethiopian Chess Federation 4.2 1994
Faroe Islands Talvsamband Foroya 1.10 1970
Fiji Fiji Chess Federation 3.6 1982  
Finland Suomen Shakkiliitto 1.3 1924  
Macedonia Ch. Fed. of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 1.2b 1993  
France Fed. Francaise des Échecs 1.1b 1924  
Gabon Association pour le Développement des Échecs Au Gabon (ADEG) 4.4 2007
Gambia Gambia Chess Federation 4.4 1976
Georgia Georgian Chess Federation 1.5b 1992  
Germany Deutscher Schachbund e.V. 1.2a 1950  
Ghana Ghana Chess Association 4.4 1990
Greece Elliniki Skakistiki Omospondia 1.5a 1948  
Guam Guam Chess Federation (Guam Echecs) 3.6 2010
Guatemala Fed. Nac. de Ajedrez de Guatemala 2.3.2 1971  
Guernsey Guernsey Chess Federation 1.10 1969/1995  
Guyana Guyana Chess Federation 2.3.5 1975
Haiti Fed. Haitienne des Echecs 2.3.5 1985
Honduras Fed. Nac. de Ajedrez de Honduras 2.3.2 1975  
Hong Kong Hong Kong Chess Federation 3.3 1961  
Hungary Magyar Sakkszovetseg 1.4 1921  
Iceland Federation NameSkaksamband Islands 1.3 1925  
India All India Chess Federation 3.7 1956  
Indonesia Persatuan Catur Seluruh Indonesia 3.3 1969  
Iran Chess Fed. of lslamic Rep. of Iran 3.1 1990  
Pakistan Chess Federation of Pakistan  

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