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Yin Hao - chess player

Full name Yin Hao
Country China
Born 1979
Title Fide Master (1995)
International Master (1998)
International Arbiter (2002)
Peak rating 2583 (April 2003)

Yin Hao (Chinese: 殷昊; born 1979) is a Chinese International Master former chess player. He is currently the Rating Officer for the Chinese Chess Association and is a qualified International Arbiter (2002).

Yin competed for the China national chess team once at the Chess Olympiads (1996) with an overall record of two games played (+1 −0 =1), and once for the "B team" at the Men's Asian Team Chess Championship (1999) with an overall record of five games played (+1 −1 =3).

China Chess League

Yin Hao has played for Jiangsu chess club in the China Chess League (CCL).

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