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Wen Yang - chess player

Full name Wen Yang
Country China
Born July 7, 1988
Shandong, China
Title Grandmaster (2008)
Peak rating 2631 (Jan 2013)
Wen Yang
Chinese 温阳

Wen Yang (Chinese: 温阳; born 7 July 1988 in Shandong) is a Chinese chess Grandmaster. In 2008, he became China's 25th Grandmaster at the age of 19.

World Cup

Wen competed in the Chess World Cup 2007 where he was defeated by 0.5-1.5 by Zoltán Almási in the first round. In the Chess World Cup 2015 he knocked out Igor Kovalenko in round one to reach the second one, where he lost to Peter Leko.

International Master

In 2007 he gained the International Master (IM) title. He achieved his IM norms at:


In 2008 he gained the Grandmaster title. His GM norms were achieved at: Total number of games: 32 (minimum 27).

China Chess League

Wen Yang plays for Shandong chess club in the China Chess League (CCL).

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