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3rd Chess Olympiad

The Polish gold medalists: Frydman, Tartakower (1st and 2nd from the left), Rubinstein (centre), Makarczyk, and Przepiórka (2nd and 3rd from the right).

The 3rd Chess Olympiad, organized by the FIDE and comprising an open and women's tournament, as well as several events designed to promote the game of chess, took place between July 13 and July 27, 1930, in Hamburg, Germany. The 2nd Women's World Chess Championship also took place during the Olympiad.


Team standings

# Country Players Points
1 Poland Rubinstein, Tartakower, Przepiórka, Makarczyk, Frydman 48½
2 Hungary Maróczy, Takács, Vajda, Havasi, Steiner E. 47
3 Germany Ahues, Sämisch, Carls, Richter, Wagner 44½
4 Austria Kmoch, Müller, Eliskases, Lokvenc, Wolf 43½
5 Czechoslovakia Flohr, Treybal K., Rejfíř, Prokeš, Pokorný 42½
6 United States Kashdan, Marshall, Phillips, Steiner H., Anderson 41½
7 Netherlands Weenink, Van den Bosch, Noteboom, Landau, Schelfhout 41
8 United Kingdom Sultan Khan, Yates, Thomas, Winter, Tylor 40½
9 Sweden Ståhlberg, Berndtsson, Stoltz, Lundin, Jacobson 40
10 Latvia Apšenieks, Petrovs, Feigins, Taube 35
11 Denmark Andersen, Ruben, Desler, Olsen, Gemzøe 31
12 France Alekhine, Betbeder, Gromer, Duchamp, Voisin 28½
13 Romania Baratz, Balogh, Tyroler, Taubmann, Gudju 28½
14 Lithuania Machtas, Šembergas, Vistaneckis, Abramavičius, Kolodnas 22½
15 Iceland Gilfer, Ásgeirsson, Þorvaldsson, Guðmundsson 22
16 Spain Marín y Llovet, Golmayo Torriente, Lafora, Ribera, Soler 21½
17 Finland Rasmusson, Krogius, Larsen, Gauffin, Rahm 18
18 Norway Olsen, Hovind, Kavlie-Jørgensen, Krogdahl, Halvorsen 16

Individual medals

The individual ratings were solely based on number of points scored. No board order was applied and only top three individual results were awarded with a prize.