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Henri Weenink

Henri Gerard Marie Weenink (17 October 1892, Amsterdam - 2 December 1931) was a Dutch chess player and a problem composer.

He took 2nd, behind Fick, at Amsterdam 1918/19; tied for 4-5th at Amsterdam 1919 (Richard Réti and Max Marchand won), tied for 3-6th at Rotterdam 1919 (Réti won); shared 2nd, behind Abraham Speijer, at Amsterdam 1919; took 6th at Amsterdam 1920 (Réti won), tied for 2nd-3rd at Amsterdam 1921 (Quadrangular), shared 13th at Scheveningen 1923 (System 10+10, Paul Johner and Rudolf Spielmann won), tied for 3rd-4th at Amsterdam 1925 (Quadrangular), tied for 2nd-3rd with Salo Landau, behind Max Euwe, at Amsterdam 1929 (NED-ch), tied for 8-9th at Liege 1930 (Savielly Tartakower won), and won, ahead of Euwe and Spielmann, at Amsterdam 1930.

Weenink played four times for Netherlands in Chess Olympiads:

Weenink died of tuberculosis at the age of 39.