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1st Chess Olympiad

Players and spectators at the Westminster Central Hall.

Competing countries (in green) of the 1st Chess Olympiad.

The 1st Chess Olympiad, organized by the FIDE and comprising an open and women's tournament, as well as several events designed to promote the game of chess, took place between July 18 and July 30, 1927, in London, United Kingdom. The 1st Women's World Chess Championship took place during the Olympiad.


Team standings

# Country Players Points
1 Hungary Maróczy, Nagy, Vajda, Havasi, Steiner E. 40
2 Denmark Krause, Norman-Hansen, Andersen, Ruben 3812
3 United Kingdom Atkins, Yates, Thomas, Michell, Spencer 3612
4 Netherlands Euwe, Weenink, Kroone, te Kolsté, Schelfhout 35
5 Czechoslovakia Réti, Gilg, Hromádka, Pokorný, Prokeš 3412
6 Germany Tarrasch, Mieses, Carls, Wagner 34
7 Austria Grünfeld, Lokvenc, Kmoch, Wolf, Gruber 34
8 Switzerland Johner H., Naegeli, Zimmermann, Grob, Michel 32
9 Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes Kostić, Vuković V., Asztalos, Kalabar 30
10 Italy Rosselli del Turco, Monticelli, Romih, Sacconi 2812
11 Sweden Nilsson, Nyholm, Jakobson, Stoltz 28
12 Argentina Grau, Rivarola, Nogués Acuña, Palau 27
13 France Chéron, Muffang, Renaud, Betbeder 2412
14 Finland Tschepurnoff, Rasmusson, Heilimo, Terho 2112
15 Belgium Koltanowski, Censer I., Louviau, Censer M. 2112
16 Spain Golmayo, Marín y Llovet, Vilardebo, Soler 1412

Individual medals

No board order was applied and only top six individual results were awarded with a prize.

# Player Points Percentage
1 George Alan Thomas (England) 12/15 80%
1 Holger Norman-Hansen (Denmark) 12/15 80%
3 Richard Réti (Czechoslovakia) 1112/15 76.7%
4 Géza Maróczy (Hungary) 9/12 75%
5 Ernst Grünfeld (Austria) 912/13 73.1%
6 Max Euwe (Netherlands) 1012/15 70%

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