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Vladimir Vuković

Born 26 August 1898
Zagreb, Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, (now Croatia)
Nationality Croat

Vladimir Vuković (26 August 1898, Zagreb - 18 November 1975, Zagreb) was a Croatian Jewish chess writer, theoretician, player, arbiter, and journalist.

His tournament record includes the following achievements:

He played for Yugoslavia on second board in the 1st Chess Olympiad at London 1927, posting a record of +7−6=2.

Vuković edited the monthly chess magazine Šahovski Glasnik (Chess Journal), the official periodical of the Yugoslavian chess federation. He is the author of The Art of Attack in Chess (Oxford-London 1963), which is widely regarded as a classic of chess literature. Other books he wrote include Razvoj šahovskih ideja [The development of chess ideas] (Zagreb 1928) and The Chess Sacrifice (London-New York 1968).

He also served as the vice-president of the Croatian Chess Federation.

Vladimir Vuković was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1951 and International Arbiter (IA) in 1952.

He died on November 18, 1975 in Zagreb and was buried at the Mirogoj Cemetery.