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Árpád Vajda

Árpád Vajda (2 May 1896, Rimaszombat (Rimavská Sobota) - 25 October 1967, Budapest) was a Hungarian chess master.

Vajda was Hungarian Champion in 1928.

He tied for 4-7th at Vienna 1921 (Friedrich Sämisch won); tied for 5-7th at Budapest 1922 (6th HUN-ch, Kornél Havasi won); won at London 1922; took 2nd at Portsmouth 1923; tied for 4-5th at Györ 1924 (7th HUN-ch, Géza Nagy won); tied for 11-12th at Debrecen 1925 (Hans Kmoch won); took 5th at Budapest 1926 (Endre Steiner won); took 11th at Budapest 1926 (1st FIDE Masters, Ernst Grünfeld and Mario Monticelli won); tied for 5-7th at Kecskemét 1927 (Alexander Alekhine won); shared 5th at Budapest 1928 (José Raúl Capablanca won); tied for 4-5th at Budapest 1929 (Capablanca won); shared 1st with Adolf Seitz at Ramsgate 1929 (B tournament); tied for 4-7th at Sopron 1934 (Rudolf Spielmann won).

He represented Hungary in Chess Olympiads:

Vajda was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1950.