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Max Romih

Massimiliano (Massimo) Romi née Max Romih (Croatian: Maksim Romić) (22 May 1893 - 24 April 1979) was an Italian chess master.

Max Romih was of Slavonic (Croatian) origin (born in Pinguente, Istria, now Buzet, Croatia), and a citizen of Austria-Hungary Empire, but after World War I the region of Julian March became part of Italy. Soon afterwards, in keeping with ideas of nationalism, Fascism began to encourage Italianization of foreign-sounding surnames. So, Max Romih became Massimiliano Romi. He had not dropped the "h" off the end of his name until after the San Remo 1930 chess tournament.

He played several times in Italian Chess Championship, and tied for 5-6th at Viareggio 1921 (Davide Marotti won), took 2nd, behind Stefano Rosselli del Turco, at Milan 1931, took 3rd at Milan 1934 (Mario Monticelli won), shared 2nd at Florence 1935 (Antonio Sacconi won). After World War II, he shared 16th at Florence 1948, 9th at Venice 1951, 3rd at Trieste 1954, and 2nd at Rovigo 1956. Finally, he tied for 12-15th at Sottomarina (Chioggia) 1970, at the age of 77.

He won at Scarborough 1925, took 3rd at Hyères 1926 (Abraham Baratz won), tied for 5-7th at Spa 1926 (Fritz Sämisch and George Alan Thomas won), took 7th at Venice 1929 (Rudolf Pitschak won), took 16th at San Remo 1930 (Alexander Alekhine won), took 4th at Paris 1938 (José Raúl Capablanca won), and took 2nd, behind Esteban Canal, at Reggio Emilia 1947.

Romi played for Italy in unofficial and official Chess Olympiads: