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Carl Carls

Carl Carls (September 16, 1880, Varel - September 11, 1958, Bremen) was a German chess master.

In 1922, he took 2nd, behind Erhardt Post, in Bad Oeynhausen (22nd DSB-Congress). He won the 2nd German Championships at Bad Aachen 1934.

He took 7th at The Hague 1928 (Amateur World Championship, Max Euwe won).

Carls represented Germany in Chess Olympiads:

He won two team bronze medals (1930 and 1936).

During World War II, he tied for 10-12th at Kraków - Warsaw 1941 (2nd GG-ch, Alexander Alekhine and Paul Felix Schmidt won). Carls won, ahead of Klaus Junge, at Rostock 1942. He resigned after 8 games at Prague 1943 (Alekhine won).

Carls was awarded the International Master title in 1951.