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Paul Johner

Paul Johner (10 September 1887, Zürich, Switzerland - 25 October 1938, Berlin, Germany) was a Swiss chess master.

A noted musician (violinist), elder brother of Hans Johner, he won the Swiss Championship in 1907 (joint), 1908 (joint), 1925, 1928 (joint), 1930 and 1932 (joint).

He played in many international tournaments. In 1904 he tied for 12-13th in Coburg (DSB Congress, Hauptturnier A). In 1905/06 he took 2nd in New York. In 1907 he took 21st in Carlsbad (Akiba Rubinstein won). In 1908 he took 14th in Vienna (Oldřich Duras, Géza Maróczy and Carl Schlechter won), and took 8th in Düsseldorf (Frank Marshall won). In 1909 he took 4th in Berlin. In 1911 he tied for 19th-21st in Carlsbad (Richard Teichmann won).

Paul F. Johner won the 9th Nordic Chess Championship at Copenhagen 1916. He shared for 1st with Walter John at Berlin 1917. He won at Göteborg 1920 (B tourn), won at Trieste 1923, and tied for 1st with Rudolf Spielmann at Scheveningen 1923. However, his most notable victory came at Berlin 1924 (Quadrangular), when he won ahead of Akiba Rubinstein, Richard Teichmann, and Jacques Mieses.

He played for Switzerland at second board in 3rd unofficial Chess Olympiad at Munich 1936 (+4 -7 =6).