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Leonardas Abramavičius

Leonardas Abramavičius (Leonhard Abramavicius) ( - died Kaunas 1960) was a Lithuanian chess player.


Leonardas Abramavičius played for Lithuania in four official and one unofficial Chess Olympiads.

He won one individual silver medal in 1933.

Abramavičius played several times in Lithuanian Chess Championships. In July 1943, he tied for 1st-3rd with Birmanas and Romanas Arlauskas, (Abramavičius took 3rd in play-off), in Vilnius (12th LTU-ch). In 1947, he took 12th, in 1948 tied for 8-9th, in 1949 tied for 13-14th, in 1950 he won with Ratmir Kholmov (Cholmovas), in 1951 tied for 14-15th, in 1954 tied for 5-6th, in 1955 tied for 6-7th, and in 1957 took 12th place.

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