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Shimon Kagan

Shimon Kagan, Rio de Janeiro, Interzonal Tournament 1979

Shimon Kagan (Hebrew: שמעון כגן‎; born 6 April 1942, Tel Aviv) an Israeli chess master.

He was Israeli Champion in 1967 and 1969. He tied for 4-5th at Netanya 1968 (Bobby Fischer won), tied for 9-10th at Netanya 1969 (Samuel Reshevsky won), took 9th at Netanya 1971 (Lubomir Kavalek and Bruno Parma won).

Kagan played for Israel in nine Chess Olympiads.

He won two individual medals; gold at Lugano 1968, and bronze at Nice 1974.

Kagan was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1969.