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Poker Variants with Wild Cards

A wild card is a card that can be used to represent some other card that a player needs to make up a poker hand, sometimes with some restrictions. This enables higher ranking hands to be made more often, which for some players makes the game more exciting. Since the introduction of the joker to the American deck in the 19th century, some poker games have been played with a wild joker. More often, however, some cards in the existing 52-card deck such as deuces (twos) or one-eyed jacks (jacks shown in profile with only one eye visible) are declared as wild. Some variants have wild cards that are determined in the course of the deal, and may change as more cards are dealt.

The index below includes both traditional poker variants with wild cards and invented variants (listed in italics). The game type column shows other categories to which some games also belong. See also the full index of poker variants, which includes an explanation of the categories.

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VariantGame type
3 5 7 wild match
4-2-2 wild match
4-2-3 shared wild match
5 Card Draw Deuces Wild draw wild
5 Card Draw with a Bug draw wild
5 Card Roll Your Own stud wild
7 and What Makes It stud wild
7 Card Stud with Wild Cards stud high/low wild split
Ace-To-Five Lowball [= California Lowball] draw low wild
Babies' Daddy stud wild
Baseball stud wild buy
Baseball, National League Rules stud wild
Buck Thirty-Five draw high/low wild split
California Lowball draw low wild
Chameleon stud wild buy
Church [= Iron Cross] shared high/low wild split
Cincinnati shared wild split
Circle Jerk shared wild
Crazy 3-5-7 wild match
Crazy 4 of Spades draw wild
Criss Cross [= Iron Cross] shared high/low wild split
Criss Cross [= Tic Tac Toe] shared high/low wild split
Dakota stud high/low wild split buy
Dead Deuce stud wild
Dirty Schultz stud wild buy
Do Ya stud wild pass
Double-Edge Trim-Saw shared wild
Eddie's Choice stud wild pass
El Dorado Hold\'em shared wild
Five Card Draw Deuces Wild draw wild
Five Card Draw with a Bug draw wild
Five Card Roll Your Own stud wild
Follow The Queen stud wild
Football stud wild buy
Football (3) stud wild buy
Four-Two-Three [= 4-2-3] shared wild match
Four-Two-Two [= 4-2-2] wild match
Freak of Nature draw wild
Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The stud wild
Herbie wild match
High-Die draw wild
Howdy Doody stud high/low wild pass
Iron Cross shared high/low wild split
Island Pineapple draw shared wild
Jacks Back (5 Card Draw) draw high/low wild
Kryky shared high/low wild split
Lame Brain Pete shared wild
Late Show [= Low Hole] stud wild
Low Die draw wild
Low Hold stud wild buy
Low Hole stud wild
Luck of the Irish stud wild buy
Midnight Baseball [= Night Baseball] stud wild buy
Night Baseball stud wild buy
No Peek Baseball [= Night Baseball] stud wild buy
Odds and Ends shared wild
Pyramid shared high/low wild split
Roll Your Own stud high/low wild split
Screwin' Herman wild
Sequence stud wild
Seven and What Makes It stud wild
Seven Card Stud with Wild Cards stud high/low wild split
Sex in the Middle East stud wild
Slam-aha shared high/low wild split
Smack My Bitch Up stud wild
Southern Deuce Hold'em shared wild
Spit in the Ocean draw shared wild
Spokane Open Wild stud wild pass
Suicide Swiss Hold'em shared wild buy
Texas Reach Around shared wild buy
Three Five Seven wild match
Tic Tac Toe shared high/low wild split
Uncle Bob's Left Nut draw wild
Who Da Baby Daddy Is stud wild
Woolworth stud wild buy
Woolworth's Jackpot Penalty MJTF stud wild buy