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Poker variants: Stud Poker

In Stud Poker games, each player is dealt a hand in which some cards are face down and some face up, and there is normally a betting interval after each round of face up cards is dealt. Basic Five Card Stud, also known originally as Open Poker, dates from the 19th century. In the 20th century Seven Card Stud, in which players can use any five of seven cards to make up a hand, overtook the five-card game in popularity, and proved a successful basis for many home poker variants involving wild cards and other enhancements.

The index below includes both traditional stud poker variants and invented variants (listed in italics). The game type column shows other categories to which some games also belong. See also the full index of poker variants, which includes an explanation of the categories.

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VariantGame type
5 Card Roll Your Own stud wild
5 Card Stud stud
5 Card Stud High-Low stud high/low split
5 Card Stud High-Low With a Buy stud high/low split buy
7 and What Makes It stud wild
7 Card Regrets stud
7 Card Stud stud
7 Card Stud High-Low stud high/low split
7 Card Stud with Wild Cards stud high/low wild split
10 Card Regrets stud high/low split
Abyssinia stud high/low split buy
Aces, Straights and Flushes stud shared
Anaconda [= Pass The Trash] stud high/low pass
Auction stud high/low split buy
Babies' Daddy stud wild
Baseball stud wild buy
Baseball, National League Rules stud wild
Bitch, The stud split
Black Mariah stud
Buy Your Card / Substitution stud high/low split buy
California Stud [= Sökö] stud
Chameleon stud wild buy
Chicago stud split
Cowpie Poker stud split
Dakota stud high/low wild split buy
Dead Deuce stud wild
Delaware Stud stud shared
Dirty Schultz stud wild buy
Do Ya stud wild pass
Eddie's Choice stud wild pass
English Stud stud buy
Faces of Death stud
Five Card Roll Your Own stud wild
Five Card Stud stud
Five Card Stud High-Low stud high/low split
Five Card Stud High-Low With a Buy stud high/low split buy
Follow The Queen stud wild
Football stud wild buy
Football (3) stud wild buy
Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The stud wild
Grocery Store Dots stud split buy
Have a Heart stud pass
Hearts Poker stud shared pass
Henway stud high/low split
High Chicago [= Chicago] stud split
High-Low Chicago stud split
Howdy Doody stud high/low wild pass
Jack the Shifter stud
Late Show [= Low Hole] stud wild
London Lowball (7-card Stud) stud low
Low Chicago stud split
Low Hold stud wild buy
Low Hole stud wild
Lowball (5 Card Stud) stud low
Luck of the Irish stud wild buy
Mexican Stud stud
Mexican Sweat stud
Midnight Baseball [= Night Baseball] stud wild buy
Mississippi Mud stud high/low split
More or Less stud low
Motown stud split
New York New York stud high/low split
Night Baseball stud wild buy
No Peek stud
No Peek Baseball [= Night Baseball] stud wild buy
Palace Poker draw stud
Pass The Trash stud high/low pass
Pick a Partner stud split
Price is Right, The stud high/low split buy
Privacy Poker stud shared
Psycho draw stud high/low split
Push stud buy pass
Razz stud low
Riding Ramone stud low
Roll Your Own stud high/low wild split
San Francisco stud split
Second Hand High stud
Selection / Rejection stud high/low split pass
Sequence stud wild
Seven and What Makes It stud wild
Seven Card Stud stud
Seven Card Stud High-Low stud high/low split
Seven Card Stud with Wild Cards stud high/low wild split
Seven-card Regrets stud
Sex in the Middle East stud wild
Smack My Bitch Up stud wild
Sökö stud
Spokane Open Wild stud wild pass
Stud-Jack stud split
Substitution stud high/low split
Telesina stud
Ten-Card Regrets stud high/low split
Train Wreck stud buy pass
Two Thirds stud
Vancouver Stud stud shared
Waiting for Godot stud shared
Wall Street stud high/low split buy
Want it? Want it? Got it! [= Selection / Rejection] stud high/low split pass
Weeping Willow stud buy pass
Who Da Baby Daddy Is stud wild
Widow Jack stud split
Woolworth stud wild buy
Woolworth's Jackpot Penalty MJTF stud wild buy