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Card and Tile Games: Layout Group

In these games there is a layout: an arrangement of cards (or tile) or piles of cards on the table, and rules for adding cards to the layout or moving cards around within it. Generally the aim is to get rid of cards, and if you have no other play you may have to pick up a card from the stock. Previously I called this the "domino group" because many of the games use dominoes, and because one of the best known card games of this group (Fan Tan) is sometimes known as Card Dominoes. It is now called the layout group to avoid confusion between games of this group (which may or may not use dominoes) and games played with dominoes (which may or may not belong to the layout group). There is now a separate page about games played with dominoes, and a collection of pages by Joe Celko about games with Western Dominoes and Chinese Dominoes.

Layout games played with dominoes

In layout games played with dominoes, usually it is necessary for one end of the played domino to match a free end of a domino on the layout.

For a much longer list, including other types of games played with dominoes, see Joe Celko's pages about games with Western Dominoes and Chinese Dominoes. See also the domino page of this site.

Layout games played with cards

Patience or solitaire games for one player, in which cards are added to or manipulated within a layout, can also be considered as belonging to this group.

There are also many competitive patience games, which have similar layouts but with two or more players competing.