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Deutsche Schachzeitung

Deutsche Schachzeitung (English: "German Chess Paper") was the first German chess magazine. Founded in 1846 by Ludwig Bledow under the title Schachzeitung der Berliner Schachgesellschaft, it took the name Deutsche Schachzeitung in 1872. (Another magazine used the title Deutsche Schachzeitung from 1846 to 1848.) When it ceased publication in December 1988 it was the oldest existing magazine in the world, having been published regularly since its founding in 1846 except for a five-year break (1945-1949) following World War II.

Since January 1989, the Deutsche Schachzeitung was merged in the Deutsche-Schachblätter - Schach-Report which was edited in Hollfeld. The resulting magazine appeared with the names of both former magazines on its cover till December 1996. Since January 1997, this magazine again was merged in the Berlin magazine Schach. The resulting magazine kept the names Schach and Schach-Report on its cover for one year, but the name Deutsche Schachzeitung had disappeared from the cover. Since 1998, the magazine appears under the simple Schach. However, the table of contents is still headed by the names Deutsche Schachzeitung, Deutsche Schachblätter and Schach-Report. The Deutsche Schachzeitung was in its prime in the first two decades of the 20th century.


From To Editors
1846.07 1846.08 Ludwig Bledow
1846.09 1851 Wilhelm Hanstein, Otto von Oppen
1851 1852 Otto von Oppen, N.D. Nathan
1852 1858 Otto von Oppen
1858.12 1864 Max Lange
1865.01 1866 E. von Schmidt, Johannes Minckwitz
1867 1871 Johannes Minckwitz
1872 1876 Johannes Minckwitz, Adolf Anderssen
1876.12 1878 Dr. Constantin Schwede, Adolf Anderssen
1879.01 1886.12 Johannes Minckwitz
1887.01 1891 Curt von Bardeleben, Hermann von Gottschall
1892 1896 Hermann von Gottschall
1897 Siegbert Tarrasch
1898 Johann Berger, Paul Lipke
1899 1916 Johann Berger, Carl Schlechter
1917 1918 Carl Schlechter
1919 1921 Jacques Mieses
1922 1923 Friedrich Palitzsch
1924 Friedrich Palitzsch, Ernst Grünfeld
1925 Max Blümich, Friedrich Palitzsch, Ernst Grünfeld
1926 Max Blümich, Friedrich Palitzsch
1927 1931 Max Blümich, Friedrich Palitzsch, Heinrich Ranneforth
1932.02 1942 Max Blümich, Heinrich Ranneforth, Josef Halumbirek
1942.03 1942.04 Heinrich Ranneforth, Josef Halumbirek
1942.05 1943.03 Theodor Gerbec, Heinrich Ranneforth, Josef Halumbirek
1943.04 1944.09 Ludwig Rellstab
1950.12 1988 Rudolf Teschner