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Johannes Minckwitz

Johannes Minckwitz.

Johannes Minckwitz (April 11, 1843, Leipzig - May 20, 1901, Biebrich) was a German chess player and author.

His best achievement was 2nd place, behind Adolf Anderssen, at Barmen 1869 (8th WDSB-Congress). He tied for 3rd-5th at Hamburg 1869 (2nd NDSB-Congress, Anderssen won); tied for 8-9th at Baden-Baden 1870 (Anderssen won); took 3rd at Krefeld 1871 (9th WDSB-Congress, Louis Paulsen won); took 4th at Frankfurt 1878 (12th WDSB-Congress, L. Paulsen won); took 11th at Leipzig 1879 (1st DSB Congress, Berthold Englisch won).

He shared 1st with Max Weiss and Adolf Schwarz at Graz 1880; tied for 3rd-5th at Braunschweig 1880 (13th WDSB-Congress, L. Paulsen won); took 8th at Wiesbaden 1880 (Joseph Henry Blackburne, A. Schwarz and B. Englisch won); tied for 7-8th at Berlin 1881 (2nd DSB-Congress, Blackburne won); took 10th at Hamburg (4th DSB-Congress, Isidor Gunsberg won); tied for 13-14th at Breslau (6th DSB-Congress, Siegbert Tarrasch won), and took 9th at Berlin 1890 (Emanuel Lasker and Berthold Lasker won).

In 1865-1876 and 1879-1886, he was an editor of the Deutsche Schachzeitung and author of Das ABC des Schachspiels (Leipzig 1879), Humor in Schachspiel (Leipzig 1885) and Der kleine Schachkönig (Leipzig 1889).