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Berthold Lasker

Full name Jonathan Berthold Lasker
Country Germany
Born 31 December 1860
Berlinchen, Germany
Berthold Lasker, Else Lasker-Schüler, Anna Lindwurm-Lindner, Franz Lindwurm-Lindner

Berthold Lasker (31 December 1860 - 19 October 1928) was a German chess master.

Born Jonathan Berthold Lasker, he was married to the poet and playwright Else Lasker-Schüler and was an elder brother of Emanuel Lasker.

He spent most of his life in Berlin, where he played in local tournaments. In 1881 he shared 1st with Siegbert Tarrasch, and took 2nd, behind Curt von Bardeleben, there. In 1883, he tied for 1st-4th and took 4th (playoff) - Hermann von Gottschall won. In 1887, he tied for 5-6th (Max Harmonist won).

His best achievement was a tie for 1st place with his brother, Emanuel Lasker, at Berlin 1890. He took 2nd, behind Horatio Caro, at Berlin 1891. He took 10th at Berlin 1898/99 (Theodor von Scheve, Emil Schallopp and Caro won).

In 1902, Lasker won the New York State championship.

He and his brother, Emanuel, wrote a drama called "Days of Mankind". It contained deep philosophical symbolism, and the theme was "redemption for rationalists and rigid logic truth through the emotional powers of mysticism."