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Horatio Caro

Horatio Caro (5 July 1862 - 15 December 1920) was an English chess master.

Caro was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, but spent most of his chess career in Berlin, Germany. He played several matches. In 1892, he drew with Curt von Bardeleben (+2 -2 =2), lost to Szymon Winawer (+2 -3 =1). In 1897, he lost to Jacques Mieses (+3 -4 =3). In 1903, he drew with Bardeleben (+4 -4 =0). In 1905, he won against Moritz Lewitt (+4 -3 =5).

In tournaments, he won in Berlin (1888, 1891, 1894, 1898 (jointly), and 1903). He also took 10th at Berlin 1883, took 4th at Berlin 1887, tied for 2nd-3rd at Nuremberg 1888, took 3rd at Berlin 1889, took 2nd at Berlin 1890.

He took 3rd at Berlin 1894, took 9th at Berlin 1897, took 17th at Vienna 1898, took 4th at Berlin 1899, tied for 6-7th at Berlin 1902, tied for 11-12th at Coburg 1904, tied for 7-8th at Barmen 1905, took 9th at Berlin 1907, tied for 3-5th at Berlin 1908, and took 4th at Berlin 1911.

Caro died in London at age 58.

His claim to fame is linked to the opening Caro-Kann Defence (B12) which he analysed along with Marcus Kann and jointly published about on the German journal Bruederschaft in 1886.