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Ludwig Rellstab - chess player

Rellstab at the German Chess Championship, Hamburg 1953
Full name Ludwig Adolf Friedrich Hans Rellstab
Country Germany
Born 23 November 1904
Schöneberg, Berlin
Title International Master (1950)
International Arbiter (1951)
Peak ranking 25 (1938, unofficial)

Ludwig Rellstab (23 November 1904, Schöneberg, Berlin - 14 February 1983, Wedel) was a German chess player who won the German Chess Championship in 1942 and was awarded the International Master title in 1950.


Rellstab came from a distinguished family of academics and musicians. His great grandfather, also named Ludwig Rellstab, was a well-known poet and music critic. His father Ludwig M. E. Rellstab was a professor of physics and electronics, who in 1914 became chief engineer at Siemens & Halske. His sister Annekäthe was a pianist.

Chess career

He was German Champion, winning at Bad Oeynhausen 1942. He took 8th in the (unofficial) European Championship at Munich 1942 (Alexander Alekhine won). In 1943, he took 6th in Salzburg (Paul Keres and Alekhine won). In 1943, he took 5th in Vienna (10th GER-ch; Josef Lokvenc won).

Rellstab represented Germany at fifth board in the Munich 1936 unofficial Olympiad, and won two bronze medals (team and individual). He played for West Germany three times in the Chess Olympiad.

He won the individual gold medal at Helsinki 1952 and team bronze medal at Dubrovnik 1950.

Rellstab was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1950 and the International Arbiter (IA) title in 1951.