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Daniel Gormally

Full name Daniel W. Gormally
Country England
Born 4 May 1976
Title Grandmaster (2005)
Peak rating 2573 (January 2006)

Daniel W. Gormally (born 4 May 1976) is an English chess Grandmaster. His peak rating was 2573 on the January 2006 rating list.

He was a member of the English team competing in the 37th Chess Olympiad and prematurely left the Olympiad after punching Armenian Grandmaster Levon Aronian over the Australian Woman International Master Arianne Caoili at one of the evening social events while Aronian and Caoili were dancing and Gormally had consumed too much alcohol.

In September 2006, he tied for 2nd-9th with Luke McShane, Stephen J. Gordon, Gawain Jones, Šarūnas Šulskis, Luís Galego, Klaus Bischoff and Karel van der Weide in the 2nd EU Individual Open Chess Championship in Liverpool.

In November 2006 Gormally was joint winner of the British Rapidplay Chess Championship.

In 2015 he tied for the second place with David Howell and Nicholas Pert in the 102nd British Championship and eventually finished fourth on tiebreak. Also in 2015, he appeared as a contestant in three episodes of the television quiz Fifteen To One and in one episode of The Chase.

He is a former member of Charlton Chess Club and currently plays for Wood Green.