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Arianne Caoili

Full name Arianne Bo Caoili
Country Philippines
Born 22 December 1986
Manila, Philippines
Title Woman International Master
Peak rating 2309 (October 2002)

Arianne Bo Caoili (born 22 December 1986) is an Australian chess player who achieved the FIDE title of Woman International Master (WIM). She was born in Manila, Philippines.


Caoili began playing chess at the age of six. At the age of 14, she scored 5.5/9 in the strong Conca Della Presolana tournament in Italy in 2001. At one point during 2002, she achieved a FIDE rating in excess of 2300, but this has been in decline since she scaled down her chess activities to concentrate on her studies. Nevertheless, she remains one of Australia's leading woman players and played top board for the national team at the Dresden Olympiad in 2008. In 2009 Caoili won the London Chess Classic Women's Invitational tournament with 8/9, two points ahead of the runner-up.

Dancing with the Stars

Caoili was one of the celebrity dancers in the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars. Her professional dance partner was Carmelo Pizzino and she finished series runner-up behind Anthony Koutoufides.

In an episode of the TV show Deal or No Deal she won a car for the home competition entrant.

Personal life

Caoili has been in a relationship with one of the world's top chess grandmasters, Levon Aronian since 2006, and got officially engaged in spring 2015. She speaks several languages fluently, and studied for a Ph.D. at a German university on "Russian foreign policy, especially its economic and business relations with Armenia on a state and individual level". She works as a consultant for a global consultancy firm. Since 2013, she has lived and worked in Armenia.