Collectible card games

Zatch Bell! The Card Battle

Players 2
Age range 10+
Playing time Approx 30 min
Random chance Some
Skill(s) required Card playing
Basic Reading Ability

Zatch Bell! The Card Battle is a trading card game released in 2005 based on the Zatch Bell! series. This game used original deck rules by using a spellbook instead of a loose deck.

The game was cancelled by Bandai due to inadequate sales in the first four sets. The game is no longer being published, though small followings still exist.

Card types

Mamodo cards are the main cards in the game. They are the cards that allow you to cast spells, as well as defend your spellbook. A mamodo card is recognizable in that it is outlined with an orange border. A mamodo card represents its counterpart from the manga/anime.
Partner cards are attached to mamodo. Each one is mamodo specific, and when attached, it can give various effects. These are outlined with a blue border. Partner cards represent the humans from the series that own the spellbooks.
Spell cards allow you to utilize the various mamodo's powers. Unlike mamodo and partner cards, spells aren't removed from the book. Each card costs MP to use, and when activated can burn pages of your opponent's spell book or impede your opponent's actions. Spell cards are outlined in brown, and each one represents the special abilities of mamodo on the card. Many of the spells are taken straight from the series, but some are invented specifically for the game.
Event cards have various effects on gameplay, typically a stat boost. Like spells, they are not removed from the book unless specifically stated. They represent everything else in the story that doesn't revolve specifically around mamodo. Their outline is green.

Card Game Sets

Four sets were released in the U.S. however twelve were released in Japan.

Set 1 - Base Set
  • This set deals with everything in the story from the beginning to Zatch's return from England. As such, many of the cards in this series deal with events and characters from this time period. The exception to this rule is seen in the absence of Eshros, a mistake later rectified in the second set. Introduced in this series were Zatch Bell, Brago, Tia, Kanchome, and some other minor characters. This set is also known for supposedly having a "missing" card. Card number 36 was excluded from this set, but later released in set 2.
Set 2 - Supreme Power of the Golden Spell
  • This set deals with everything from Zatch's return from England to the battle against Baransha.
Set 3 - The Gathering Storm
  • This set contains content from the anime up to the Milordo-Z saga.
Set 4- Dawn of the Ancients
  • This set also contains almost all of the Milordo-Z saga and more. This was the smallest set in the CCG.