Collectible card games

The X-Files Collectible Card Game

Players 2
Age range 10 and up
Playing time ~1 hour
Random chance Low
Skill(s) required Resource management, Deck optimization, Planning

The X-Files Collectible Card Game (XF:CCG or X-Files CCG) is a collectible card game based on the X-Files fictional universe. It was created by the US Playing Card Company (USPCC).


The Premier Set was first released in 1996. Over the next year, USPCC would create the first expansion, 101361, a 2nd edition set known as The Truth Is Out There, and a number of promotional cards. The second expansion, 22364 was apparently finished, and ready to be produced, when the game was terminated in 1997.


Full expansion sets

The following full sets were created by USPCC:

Promotional items

The following promotional cards were created by USPC Games:

Prototype items

Cards and items that were designed, but never saw official release, are discussed below: