Collectible card games

Bratz Fashion Party Fever Game

Players 2
Age range 8+
Playing time Approx 1 hour
Random chance High due to die roll
Skill(s) required Card playing
Basic Reading Ability

The Bratz Fashion Party Fever Game is a collectible card game produced by Upper Deck Entertainment. The game is primarily intended for female players, and can be played as a casual game rather than a fully competitive game if desired. The product release was in April 2004.

Game description

The game theme revolves around Bratz at a dance party modeling different outfits and strutting their stuff. The objective is to earn points through dressing up these Bratz before the clock hits midnight and the party ends. When this occurs, the player with the most points is declared the winner.

Players play up to three Bratz to their dressing room, and then dress the Bratz from card in their hands called Fashion cards. Each of the Bratz cards has specific requirements about what type of items can be worn, e.g. a given one of the Bratz may only be able to wear "Rockin' Shoes". If a player plays a fashion card which completes an outfit (consisting of a top, a bottom, shoes, and an accessory), that Bratz is sent out on the dance floor and every player who contributed to the outfit can score points based on the roll of a die. Depending on what other Bratz are adjacent on the dance floor at the end of the game, bonus points can be earned. If the die roll indicates a clock icon, then time advances, moving the game towards its eventual conclusion.

In casual play, players can freely play fashion cards on Bratz belonging to any player, insuring that they have a chance to earn points when the outfit is completed. In competitive play, players can only play cards to their own Bratz, but can optionally ask each of their opponents for a single piece of clothing (e.g. a "Stylin' Top") during their turn by making a blind request (ala Go Fish). If the opponent has such a card, the card is immediately played to the Bratz card in question, but this then allows that player to earn points when the outfit is completed.

There are also Party Power' cards which can be played from a separate deck at a rate of one per turn. These cards feature special powers or abilities that can change the game.