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Monster Collection

Players 2
Random chance some

Monster Collection (モンスター・コレクション. otherwise known as Mon-Colle (モンコレ)) is a trading card game developed by Group SNE. Monster Collection was first published in 1997 by Fujimi Shobo. In 2000, Monster Collection 2 was released. It was acquired by Bushiroad in August 2011.

Monster Collection was later expanded to a roleplaying game and was the basis for the anime series Mon Colle Knights.

The Monster Collection game universe is a world connected to six gates of fire, water, earth, wind, good, and evil, representing East, South, West, North, Heaven and Earth. Player acts as a summoner, which engages in combat using summoned monsters.


The game is a one-on-one card game, set in a 3x4 grid. One side declared as winner by capturing opponent's headquarter.

Each monster has fire, water, earth, wind, good, or evil element. A monster's ability is decided by battle spell, unit's equipment, combat items, and terrain.



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