Collectible card games

Highlander: The Card Game

Players 2 (or more in some variations)
Age range 12+
Playing time Approx 20 min
Random chance Some
Skill(s) required Card playing
Basic Reading Ability

Highlander: The Card Game is a collectible card game based on the Highlander franchise of films and television series. Players build decks from a 400+ card set, taking on the persona of one of the Immortals depicted in the franchise. The core of the game takes the form of a sword duel with players alternately playing attacks and defenses. Other cards are played to affect the basic rules of the game. You win when your opponent is reduced to 0 ability or cannot avoid a "headshot" attack (i.e. decapitation, the only way to permanently kill an Immortal within the franchise canon). La Montagnard Inc. is the current publisher.

Card types

Basic attacks

Nine attacks, one to each space on the attack grid.

Basic blocks

Six blocks, four each covering four areas of the attack grid, two covering just the upper and lower rows.


Defense cards which can stay in play multiple turns, but must be discarded if the player wishes to attack.

Special cards

Pregame cards