Collectible card games

Bleach Trading Card Game

Players 2
Age range 10+
Playing time ???
Random chance Some
Skill(s) required

Card playing
Basic Reading

Ability, good sportsmanship, luck.

The Bleach Trading Card Game is a collectible card game from Score Entertainment, and is based on the manga and anime series of the same name.


The Bleach Trading Card Game is played with two people. Each player must have a total of at least eighty-one cards: a Guardian card, a sixty-card 'main deck' and a twenty-card Side Deck consisting of energy cards dictated by your Guardian card. Later expansions allow energy cards to be replaced by other cards in the Side Deck. There are two ways to win: if you reduce your opponent's Power (printed on their Guardian card) to zero, or if your opponent attempts to draw or discard a card from their deck and fails.

A standard player's turn in the game consists of three steps: The Resource Step, the Main Step and the End Step. The Resource Step has the player drawing cards and putting Energy cards into play, the Main Step is where a player may attack and play cards other than Energy cards, and the End Step is a formal conclusion to the turn.

Card types

There are six different types of cards in the Bleach Trading Card Game:

Turn Progression

Resource Step

Cards are returned from depleted (sideways) back to upright positions. The active player draws a card from their deck, then may choose whether to draw another card or place a card from their side deck in play, then may choose whether to draw yet another card or place another energy card into play.

Main Step

The active player may play any card from his hand, use powers on cards in play, or attack with characters. These can be done in any order, as long as the player has the cards to do so.

1. The Attacker beats the Defender. The defender is destroyed and the defending guardian takes damage equal to the difference.

2. The Attacker ties the Defender. Both cards are destroyed. No damage is taken.

3. The Defender beats the Attacker. The attacking card is destroyed, but no damage is dealt.

End Step

The formal end of a turn. Temporary effects are ended, and control is switched over to another player.

Card sets and release information

Demo decks can be found in issue #43 of Anime Insider and a video demo can be found on YouTube as well as the game's website. The promotional pack includes a card which lists the card order for the pack, and a playmat which is not available elsewhere. Cards were sold in 72-card preconstructed starter decks which include 2 booster packs, 10-card booster packs, and 12-pack booster boxes. Promotional ("promo") cards were available through mail-in credits from Score, at tournaments, and at conventions. The releases are as follows:

Each set included (one per booster) extra, larger cards most of which fit together to form a nine-card poster. These also helped protect the edges of the playable cards in the booster. The bottom middle card from the Seireitei set was omitted from boosters for the Seireitei set; the cards were added to the extra cards in the Bankai set.

The game ceased publication April 2009, just before the planned launch of its seventh expansion, Bleach Infiltration. This cancellation was attributed to the ongoing recession, which has heavily affected TCG sales.

Japanese version

The Japanese version of this game shares only a few things in common with the English version. One being, Bleach itself and the other is that every card has a boost power. Score Entertainment assures its fans that the English Bleach TCG is its own game; not a direct copy of the Japanese version.