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Filipino Chess Championship

The Filipino Chess Championship is organized by the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP).

Open winners before 2008

Year Champion
1931 Ramon Lontoc Jr.
1956 Florencio Campomanes
1958 Rodolfo Tan Cardoso
1960 Florencio Campomanes
1963 Rodolfo Tan Cardoso
1965 Renato Naranja
1970 Eugenio Torre
1990 Rogelio Antonio
1998 Bong Villamayor
2002 Eugenio Torre
2004 Darwin Laylo
2006 Darwin Laylo

Battle of the Grandmasters

Since 2008 the final stages of both the men's and women's championship, dubbed "Battle of the Grandmasters", have been round-robin tournaments held concurrently.

Year Place Men's Champion Women's Champion
2008 Manila John Paul Gomez Catherine Pereña
2009 Dapitan Wesley So Shercila Cua
2010 Tagaytay Wesley So Rulp Ylem Jose
2011 Manila Wesley So Rulp Ylem Jose
2012 Kalibo Mark Paragua Catherine Pereña
2013 Manila John Paul Gomez, on tiebreak over Oliver Barbosa Janelle Mae Frayna
2014 Manila Eugenio Torre Catherine Pereña