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Oliver Barbosa

Full name Oliver Barbosa
Country Philippines
Born September 29, 1986
Pasig City, Manila
Title Grandmaster
Peak rating 2596 (May 2012)

Oliver Barbosa (born September 29, 1986) is a Filipino chess grandmaster. He earned his International Master title in 2008 and his grandmaster title in 2011. Barbosa won the 10th Parsvnath International Grandmasters Tournament in New Delhi, with 9.5/11 and an astounding performance rating of 2710. He earned his first GM norm in the Asian Individual in Mashad, Iran and his second norm in the Philippines National Championships. In 2014, he tied for 1st-2nd with Francisco Vallejo Pons in the Thailand Open Chess Championship.

He has trained with Wesley So and John Paul Gomez. Barbosa played in the 42nd Chess Olympiad and scored 7/10, with an overall performance rating of 2668.