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Tan Lian Ann

Tan Lian Ann (born 8 September 1947) is a Singapore chess master.

He played at Perth 1962/63 (AUS-ch, John Purdy won); at Vrnjačka Banja 1963 (7th World Junior Chess Championship (U-20), Florin Gheorghiu won), and at Barcelona 1965 (9th WJCh, q-5, Robert Hübner won).

He was six times Singapore Champion, and shared first at Hong Kong 1972 (East Asian Zonal); tied for 16-18th at Petropolis 1973 (Interzonal, Henrique Mecking won); took 2nd, behind Eugenio Torre, at Melbourne 1975 (Zonal); tied for 18-20th at Manila 1976 (Interzonal, Mecking won).

Tan Lian Ann represented Singapore four times in Chess Olympiads:

and twice in Asian Team Chess Championships:

He took 8th in the 21st Cairnhill Open at Singapore 2003 (Tu Hoang Thai won).

Awarded the International Master title in 1973, after qualifying for the Interzonal in Petrópolis, Brazil.