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Jacek Bednarski

Jacek Bednarski, Lublin 2006
Country Poland
Born March 12, 1939
Kraków, Poland
Title International Master (1964)

Jacek Bogusław Bednarski (12 March 1939 - 19 October 2008) was a Polish chess player who won the Polish Chess Championship in 1963. FIDE International Master (1964).

Chess career

Bednarski became interested in chess at the age of eleven. He met with a professional chess training while studying Physics at the Moscow State University. After returning to the Poland Bednarski quickly became one of the leading Polish chess players and graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Jagiellonian University. From 1960 to 1979 he played fifteen times in the Polish Chess Championship's finals, and winning four medals: gold (1963), silver (1964) and two bronze (1972, 1975).

Bednarski fourteen represented the Poland in international matches and took part in more than sixty international tournaments. In 1967 he shared the seventh place (together with Jan Hein Donner) in very strongly Capablanca Memorial in Havana. In 1972 Bednarski won two international tournaments in Lublin and Hradec Králové. Three times he shared second place in the "Rilton Cup" tournament in Stockholm( 1976-1977, 1978-1979, 1979-1980).

Jacek Bednarski played for Poland in Chess Olympiads:

Jacek Bednarski played for Poland in European Team Chess Championship: