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Non-Poker Games as Poker Variants

In Dealer's Choice Poker, some games are allowed as options even though they are not poker games. Really the only requirement for such a game is that it should be fairly quick and straightforward, that it should be a round game suitable for around 5 to 7 players, playing as individuals, and that it should be suitable for wagering.

The index below includes a selection of non-poker games that are sometimes allowed as options in Dealer's Choice, and some other non-poker gambling games based on poker hands. Both traditional and invented games are included. Invented games are listed in italics. See also the full index of poker variants for other types of poker game.

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VariantGame type
7 minus 7 other
7-27 other
Blind Man's Buff [= Indian Poker] other
Boo-Ray [= Bourré] other
Bourré other
Chase the Ace [= Cuckoo] other
Chinese Poker other
Cuckoo other
Football (2) other
Four of a Kind other
High Card Poker draw other
Indian Poker other
Luosong Pai Jiu [= Chinese Poker] other
OFCP [= Open Face Chinese Poker] other
Open Face Chinese Poker other
Pai Gow Poker other
Pepito [= Chinese Poker] other
Pineapple OFCP other
Pusoy [= Chinese Poker] other
Ranter Go Round [= Cuckoo] other
Sap Sam Cheung [= Chinese Poker] other
Screw Your Neighbor [= Cuckoo] other
Seven minus Seven [= 7 minus 7] other
Seven Twenty-Seven other
Tips To The Fat One other