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Card games in Denmark

The Danish version of the standard French suited 52 card pack has indices Es, K, D, B for the ace, king, queen and jack. On older packs the index on the jack is Kn rather than B. This pack is used for some international games, such as Bridge, Piratbridge (the same as Oh Hell), and Poker (in the 20th century Draw Poker was the best known version in Denmark but as a result of the international poker boom at the start of the 21st century, Texas Holdem became the most popular form).

Local games played with the 52 card pack include

Other games are played with shortened packs:

Tarok is played in parts of Denmark, using a 78 card French suited Tarot pack. Production of Danish Tarok cards ceased around the time of the second world war, and the game is now played with Tarot cards imported from France. has up to date information about Casinos in Denmark, with a map.

The World Casino Directory includes a listing of Casinos in Denmark.