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Card Games: Boston Group

These plain trick games with an auction largely displaced the L'Hombre group during the 19th century. They are formed by adding bidding to whist. Suits generally have the familiar ranking order A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2. Players bid for the right to be declarer mainly according to the number of tricks they are prepared to win (assisted by their partner if any). Often, bids are also differentiated according to the trump suit proposed, and other kinds of bids may be allowed, such as a bid to lose every trick. The oldest game of this type, Boston Whist, originated in the late 18th century. The principle has proved highly successful and is the basis of many modern games.

Most games of this group can be conveneintly divided into alliance games (of which Boston itself is one) and fixed partnership games.

Alliance games

In these games, the high bidder plays alone, the other players forming a temporary partnership, or the high bidder may have a temporary partner, chosen by the bidding or by calling a card.

Fixed partnership games

In these games, normally for four players, the players facing each other remain as partners throughout the game.

Honeymoon Bridge is the name given to several attempts to adapt Contract Bridge for just two players.

Individual Games

The game of Call Bridge, played in Bangladesh, seems to be related to Spades, but is played without partners.

Related games

Some games are on the borderline of this and other groups.