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Card Games: King-Ten-Five Group

There is a group of games played in China in which the counting cards are kings and tens (worth 10 points) and fives (worth 5 points). Some of these are point-trick games:

There are also Chinese card games of other types which use the same card value system:

It may be a pure coincidence that the trick taking games played in North America with Rook cards use a rather similar point scheme. There are 14 cards in a suit and the counting cards are the 14 and the 10 (worth 10 points each) and the 5 (worth 5 points). Some Rook games are also played with standard cards.

There are other North American games with standard cards using a similar point system. In the Canadian game 200 (Deux Cents), also sometimes known as 10 (Dix) or Bidder 10, it is the ace, rather than the king that scores 10 points. This game or a similar one may have been the inspiration for Rook.