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Caribbean Stud Poker

This American casino game, also known as Caribbean Poker, is not really a poker game since players play against the bank rather than against each other. The adjective "stud" is also misleading, since players receive all five cards before betting, not one card at a time with a betting round after each as in real stud poker.

The players each place an ante and the players and the bank are dealt five cards each. One of the banker's cards is dealt face up. After players have seen their own cards and the banker's face up card, each player in turn must either

There is then a showdown.

In addition there is usually a progressive jackpot into which a player can pay a fixed stake on each deal. Part of all of the jackpot is paid out to any player who is dealt a flush or better.

The Carribean Stud section of Casino Advisor has rules and advice.

The site has a page of Caribbean Stud Poker rules and tips. offers several useful Caribbean Poker resources:

Carribean Poker can be played on line at and in many other places.