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List of contract bridge people

This list is a compilation of contract bridge players, writers, administrators and personalities who have been recognized for their skills, achievements or contributions to the game as identified by various specific sources.

People recognized by bridge organizations

American Contract Bridge League

Hall of Fame

ACBL Hall of Fame members (deceased)
Name Category Citation
2011 Russ Arnold von Zedtwitz  
2002 Hermine Baron Open  
2012 Grant Baze von Zedtwitz  
1995 B. Jay Becker Open  
2006 Mike Becker Open    
2010 David Berkowitz Open    
1995 Easley Blackwood, Sr. Open  
2000 Lou Bluhm Open  
1997 David Bruce (Burnstine) von Zedtwitz  
2006 S. Garton Churchill von Zedtwitz  
2002 Ira Corn Blackwood  
1995 Barry Crane Open  
1995 John R. Crawford Open  
1964 Ely Culbertson Open  
1996 Josephine Culbertson Open  
1998 Billy Eisenberg Open  
1998 Mary Jane Farell Open  
2000 Harry Fishbein Open  
2003 Henry Francis Blackwood    
2001 Richard Freeman Open  
1997 Edith Kemp Freilich Open  
1997 Richard L. Frey Open  
2002 Sam Fry, Jr. Open  
1998 John Gerber Open  
2006 Richard Goldberg Blackwood  
1999 Bobby Goldman Open    
2009 Agnes Gordon von Zedtwitz  
1964 Charles Goren Open  
1999 Michael Gottlieb von Zedtwitz  
2003 Fred Hamilton Open    
1999 Bob Hamman Open  
2004 Harry Harkavy von Zedtwitz  
2002 Emma Jean Hawes Open  
1997 Lee Hazen Blackwood  
2010 Paul Hodge von Zedtwitz  
1997 James (Jim) Jacoby Open  
1965 Oswald Jacoby Open  
1996 Eddie Kantar Open  
1995 Edgar Kaplan Open    
1996 Norman Kay Open  
2004 Amalya Kearse Blackwood  
2001 Sami Kehela von Zedtwitz    
2005 Betty Ann Kennedy Open    
2011 Eric Kokish Blackwood    
2009 Mark Lair Open    
1998 Alvin Landy von Zedtwitz  
2012 Kyle Larsen Open  
2000 Sidney Lazard Open    
1965 Sidney Lenz Open  
2001 Peter Leventritt Open  
1999 Theodore Lightner Open  
2008 Jerome S. Machlin Blackwood  
2007 Zia Mahmood Open  
2004 Merwyn Maier von Zedtwitz  
2003 Ed Manfield Open  
2012 Jan Martel Blackwood    
1997 Lew Mathe Open  
2005 Marshall Miles Blackwood  
2003 Jacqui Mitchell Open  
1996 Victor (Vic) Mitchell Open  
1996 Albert Morehead Blackwood  
1998 Alphonse (Sonny) Moyse Open  
2001 Eric Murray von Zedtwitz    
2001 G. Robert (Bobby) Nail Open  
2008 Nick Nickell Open  
2009 Aileen Osofsky Blackwood    
2008 Mike Passell Open    
1998 Peter Pender Open  
1997 George Rapée Open    
2003 Steve Robinson Open    
1997 Bill Root Open  
2015 Michael Rosenberg Open  
2000 George Rosenkranz Blackwood  
2002 Hugh Ross Open  
1995 Alvin Roth Open  
2004 Jeff Rubens Blackwood  
2000 Ira Rubin Open  
2007 Kerri Sanborn Open    
2002 Carol Sanders von Zedtwitz    
2002 Thomas Sanders von Zedtwitz  
1966 Howard Schenken Open  
2000 Meyer Schleifer von Zedtwitz  
2005 Percy Sheardown von Zedtwitz  
1996 Alfred Sheinwold Open    
1966 Sidney Silodor Open  
1996 P. Hal Sims von Zedtwitz  
1999 Al Sobel Open  
1995 Helen Sobel Smith Open  
2000 Charles Solomon Open  
2002 Paul Soloway Open  
2007 Alan Sontag Open    
2001 Lew Stansby Open  
1996 Sam Stayman Open  
2010 Tom Stoddard Blackwood  
2003 Tobias Stone von Zedtwitz  
1998 David Treadwell Blackwood  
2001 Alan Truscott Blackwood  
1998 Dorothy Truscott Open  
1964 Harold Vanderbilt Open  
1966 Waldemar von Zedtwitz Open  
1999 Margaret Wagar Open  
1999 Katherine Wei-Sender Blackwood    
2004 Peter Weichsel Open    
1995 Bobby Wolff Open  
2005 Kit Woolsey Open  
1965 Milton Work Open  
2001 Sally Young Open  
2013 Gail Moss Greenberg von Zedtwitz    
2013 Max Hardy Blackwood  
2014 Chip Martel Open  
2014 Jill Meyers Open  
2014 Billy Rosen von Zedtwitz  
2014 Peggy Sutherlin Blackwood  

The first bridge Hall of Fame was inaugurated by The Bridge World in 1964 and invested nine members between then and 1966 after which it ceased sponsorship. The American Contract Bridge League adopted the concept to recognize the achievements and contributions of those residing in its territory (USA, Canada, Mexico and Bermuda) and inaugurated its own Hall of Fame in 1995 by accepting the original nine and adding eight others that year. From 1996 new members have been added annually in as many as three categories that are designated by three nominal ACBL Hall of Fame Awards.

Nominees in the Open category must have attained the age of 60 by 1 January of the year of the induction ceremony. The primary basis for consideration in the Open and von Zedtwitz categories is the player's North American and international record and achievements as a member and representative of the ACBL. An individual's personal history, whether good or bad, should be considered in nominating candidates or selecting recipients.

In 2008, ACBL established the Foundation for the Preservation and Advancement of Bridge (FPAB) "to support the preservation of bridge history, to recognize individuals for their excellence and service to the game of bridge and to inspire the participation of youth through scholarships and grants."

Most influential personalities

ACBL's Most Influential Personalites
(† deceased, ‡ ACBL Hall of Fame member)
Rank Name
1 Charles Goren
2 Ely Culbertson
3 William McKenney
4 Edgar Kaplan
5 Bobby Wolff
6 Fred Gitelman
7 Eddie Kantar
8 Albert H. Morehead
9 Alfred Sheinwold
10 Waldemar von Zedtwitz
11 Nathan B. Spingold
12 Al Roth
13 Bracketed KO inventor(s)  
14 Oswald Jacoby
15 Barry Crane
16 Howard Schenken
17 The Italian Blue Team
18 Helen Sobel Smith
19 Bob Hamman
20 Mike Lawrence
21 Terence Reese
22 Marty Bergen
23 Larry Cohen
24 Jaime Ortiz-Patiño
24 José Damiani
25 Dorothy Truscott
26 George Rapée
27 Marc Low
27 Paul Heitner
28 Richard Walsh
29 Jim Lopushinsky
30 Eric Murray
31 Richard L. Frey
32 Albert Morehead
33 Alan Truscott
34 Josephine Culbertson
35 Zia Mahmood
36 Eric Rodwell
37 Jeff Meckstroth
38 Victor Mollo
39 Eric Kokish
40 Aileen Osofsky
40 Barbara Seagram
41 Al Sobel
42 Alphonse Moyse
43 Audrey Grant
44 Kathie Wei-Sender
45 Rose Meltzer
46 Grant Baze
47 Tom Stoddard
48 S. J. (Skid) Simon
49 Lee Hazen
50 Norman Squire
51 Gosta Nordenson
51 Eric Jannersten
52 Louis H. Watson
53 Harold Vanderbilt

In 2012, the American Contract Bridge League celebrated the 75th anniversary of its creation by the merger of the American Bridge League and the United States Bridge Association in October 1937. In partial recognition, the League published a list of the 52 most influential personalities during its history.

Criteria included:

Selections were not limited to ACBL members or North American residents.

Player of the Year

ACBL Player of the Year
Year Name
2014 Bobby Levin
2013 Martin Fleisher
2012 Zia Mahmood
2011 Joel Wooldridge
2010 Brad Moss
2009 Jeff Meckstroth
2008 Eric Rodwell
2007 Roy Welland
2006 Bob Hamman
2005 Zia Mahmood
2004 Jeff Meckstroth
2003 Michael Rosenberg
2002 Larry Cohen
2001 Ralph Katz
2000 Zia Mahmood
1999 John Mohan
1998 Paul Soloway
1997 Bart Bramley
1996 Zia Mahmood
1995 Fred Stewart
1995 Steve Weinstein
1994 Mike Rosenberg
1993 Bob Hamman
1992 Jeff Meckstroth
1991 Zia Mahmood
1990 Bob Hamman

The Player of the Year is awarded to the ACBL player accumulating the most platinum masterpoints in the calendar year.

Canadian Bridge Federation - Hall of Fame

CBF Hall of Fame Members († deceased)
Name Citation
2010 Bruce Elliott  
2010 Sam Gold  
2010 Sami Kehela  
2010 Eric Murray  
2010 Percy Sheardown  
2011 Diana Gordon  
2011 Eric Kokish  
2011 George Mittelman  
2011 Doug Drew  
2011 Ralph Cohen  
2012 William Anderson  
2012 Boris Baran  
2012 Mark Molson  
2012 Peter Nagy  
2013 Joey Silver  
2013 Audrey Grant  
2013 Francine Cimone  

The Canadian Bridge Federation (CBF) is the national bridge organization for Canada and established the CBF Hall of Fame in 2010 to recognize the achievements and contributions of Canadian bridge personalities.

European Bridge League - Awards and Distinctions

The European Bridge League (EBL) is a confederation of national bridge organizations for European countries, established 1947.

Gold Medal
Name Nationality Year
Aubry, Yves France 2008
Bardach, David Israel 1994
Beineix, Jean-Claude France 2010
Butler, Geoffrey R. England 1975
Damiani, José France 1995
De Pauw, Marc Belgium 2010
Jensen, Nils E. Sweden 1987
Kielbasinski, Radoslaw Poland 2006
Kooijman, Ton Netherlands 2010
Magerman, Paul Belgium 2002
Melander, Micke Sweden 2010
Oliveira, Jose Manuel de Portugal 2003
Ortiz-Patiño, Jaime England 1983
Pencharz, Bill England 1999
Rona, Gianarrigo Italy 2010
Torlontano, Anna Maria Italy 1999
Silver Medal
Name Nationality Year
Bardach, David Israel 1989
Blanken-Burgers, Marijke Netherlands 2010
Boekhorst, Andre Netherlands 1989
Frenkiel, Marian Poland 1989
Gerontopoulos, Panos Greece 1991
Helm, Emmy van der Netherlands 1989
Helm, Harry van der Netherlands 1989
Hodler, Marc Switzerland 1979
Jensen, Nils E. Sweden 1977
Kramer, Jut Netherlands 1979
Kunin, Reuben Israel 1985
Latala, Slawek Poland 2011
Levy, Eitan Israel 2012
Melander, Micke Sweden 2004
Oliveira, Jose Manuel de Portugal 1999
Parnis-England, Margaret Malta 1999
Pencharz, Bill England 1989
Rohan, Karl Austria 1989
Torlontano, Anna Maria Italy 1991
Zabel, Gunnar Denmark 1977
Bronze Medal
Name Nationality Year
Auken, Sabine Germany 2010
Dix, Mario Malta 1999
Gruber, Hans Austria 1992
Mattsson, Goran Germany 2010
Resta, Guido Italy 2010
Schroeder, Dirk Germany 2010
Szappanos, Geza Hungary 2010
Yanes, Aureliano Spain 2001

World Bridge Federation - Awards and Distinctions

The World Bridge Federation (WBF) is the world governing body for bridge, established in 1958.

People recognized in bridge books

Numerous biographical entries are contained in the Encyclopedia of Bridge (1935), the various editions of the The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge (1964-2011), The Bridge Players' Encyclopedia (1967), and in the British Bridge Almanack (2004).

In addition, the following books provide biographical information about bridge people as of the date of publication.

Aces All by Guy Ramsey (1955)

In the Foreword of Aces All, Ramsey writes that "it is a book about some, though by no means all, of the leading players of today and the immediate yesterday..." He presents biographies of the following (all either British or playing in Britain):

The Bridge Immortals by Victor Mollo (1968)

The Bridge Immortals gives brief biographies of the "greatest bridge people living today", listed here in alphabetical order.

World Class by Marc Smith (1999)

World Class: conversations with the bridge masters features "the crème de la crème of the world of bridge" in their own words. Here is Smith's classification of his interviews.

British Bridge Almanack by Peter Hasenson (2004)

The Editor's Choice nominations are listed alphabetically as follows:

Point leaders

American Contract Bridge League

Grand Life Masters (GLM) defined by lifetime ACBL master points (MP), with some condition on major achievements

Players of the Decade - defined by ACBL platinum master points

European Bridge League

Lists of the top European Master Points (EMP) holders in various categories and for various periods

World Bridge Federation

The World Bridge Federation measures achievement in tournament play by a dual system of Master Points and Placing Points and provides ranked lists in Open, Women, and Seniors categories. Short colloquialisms like "Fulvio Fantoni is number one in the world" refer to the WBF Open Ranking. It ranks by Master Points those all-time players whose Placing Points accord "World Grand Master" status. MPs decay but PPs do not, so retired and deceased World Grand Masters remain on the list but drift toward the bottom.

Other listings

Video interviews

The American Contract Bridge League has published at YouTube audio-video interviews of numerous players including almost 30 members of its Hall of Fame. These listings include some other videos of bridge personalities published at YouTube. (Those marked "ACBL Hall of Fame" may be interviews conducted by Audrey Grant, as are the ones so marked.)

Others not listed above

Bridge in fiction

Famous people and bridge

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