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World Women Pairs Championship

The World Women Pairs Championship is a bridge championship held every four years as part of the World Bridge Championships. It is restricted to women pairs only.


World meets commonly run for 15 days on a schedule whose details vary.

In 2006 the Women Pairs played Saturday to Friday, the 8th to 14th days of the meet, with five qualifying sessions, five semifinal sessions, and four final sessions. At the start of qualifying, sixteen teams remained in the knockout stage of the marquee teams competition for women, for the McConnell Cup. During qualifying sessions for the pairs, the McConnell teams were reduced from sixteen to four, and players from the twelve "knocked out" teams were eligible to enter pairs competition at the semifinal stage. There were 109 pairs in the qualifier, 63 in the semifinal, and 36 in the final.

United States pairs have won ten of 14 tournaments through 2014, Great Britain two, Netherlands one, China one. Fritzi Gordon and Rixi Markus of Great Britain (native Austrians) are the only two-time champion pair; Americans Karen McCallum and Kerri Sanborn/Shuman also have two wins each including one as partners in 1990. Sanborn is also the only winner of two gold medals in the World Mixed Pairs Championship, which is contested at the same quadrennial meet.

Year, Site Entries Medalists

Cannes, France

1.  Fritzi Gordon Rixi Markus
2. Fanny Parienté Marianne Serf
  3. Dorothy Hayden Helen Portugal

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

1. Joan Durran Jane Juan
2. Nancy Gruver Sue Sachs
  3. Mary Jane Farell Peggy Solomon

Stockholm, Sweden

1. Mary Jane Farell Marilyn Johnson
2. Fritzi Gordon Rixi Markus
  3. Britt Blom Gunborg Silborn

Las Palmas, Spain

  1. Fritzi Gordon Rixi Markus
2. Gerda Goslar Rita Jacobson
3. Emma Jean Hawes Dorothy Hayden Truscott  

New Orleans, USA

1. Judi Radin Kathie Wei
2. Betty Ann Kennedy Carol Sanders
3. Claude Blouquit Élisabeth Delor
After 1980 it was determined that the world championships in even years would continue to be played in Europe and North America. 

Biarritz, France

1. Betty Ann Kennedy Carol Sanders
2. Lynn Deas Beth Palmer
3. Sally Horton Sandra Landy

Miami Beach, USA

1. Amalya Kearse Jacqui Mitchell
2. Bettina Kalkerup Charlotte Palmund
3. Sally Horton Sandra Landy

Geneva, Switzerland

1. Karen McCallum Kerri Shuman
2. Judi Radin Kathie Wei
3. Carla Arnolds Bep Vriend

Albuquerque, USA

1. Carla Arnolds Bep Vriend
2. Véronique Bessis Catherine Saul
3. Lynn Deas Beth Palmer

Lille, France

1. Jill Meyers Shawn Quinn
2. Daniela von Arnim Sabine Auken
3. Véronique Bessis Catherine D'Ovidio

Montreal, Canada

97 1. Karen McCallum Debbie Rosenberg
2. Blandine de Hérédia   Anne-Frédérique Lévy
3. Irina Levitina Kerri Sanborn

Verona, Italy

109 1. Irina Levitina Kerri Sanborn
2. WANG Hongli WANG Wenfei
3. Sabine Auken Janice Seamon-Molson

Philadelphia, USA

81 1. Lynn Deas Beth Palmer
2. Susan Culham Kismet Fung
3. Carla Arnolds Bep Vriend

Sanya, China

46 1. Liu Shu Zhou Tao
2. Huang Yen Gan Lin
3. Suci Amita Dewi Kristina Wahyo Murniati

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