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Sabine Auken

Sabine Auken née Zenkel (born 4 January 1965) is a German bridge player. She has also played as Sabine Zenkel. Sometime prior to the 2014 European and World meets (summer and October), she ranked 24th among 73 Women World Grand Masters by world masterpoints (MP) and 4th by placing points that do not decay over time.

She was born in Bamberg, Bavaria. As of 2007 she resides in Charlottenlund, Denmark. She and Jens Auken, a Danish bridge player, have two children, Jens Christian (b. 1995) and Maximilian (b. 1999). Maximillian has had success playing basketball, making the U14, U15 and U16 Danish national teams.

Zenkel and the American professional player Ron Andersen traveled the world as a partnership during 1991-1992, based in Chicago. They also wrote a book, Preempts from A to Z (1993; 2nd, 1996).


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