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Charles J. Solomon

Charles J. Solomon (1906 - April/May 1975) was an American bridge player, administrator, writer, and sponsor. He was inducted by the ACBL Hall of Fame in 2000.

Solomon was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1948 he married Peggy Golder (née Mastbaum) of the same city, after some time as her bridge mentor. She became the third female ACBL Life Master and they were the subjects of a newspaper feature in 1960, "The Solomons: Top Married Bridge Team".

Charles Solomon died in Philadelphia, late April or early May 1975.

In world championship teams-of-four competition, Solomon was a member of the 6-man USA squad in the 1956 Bermuda Bowl. Not yet a tournament, it was a long head-to-head match between representatives of North America and Europe, won by France.

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