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Roy Welland

Roy Welland
Country (sports) United States
Born October 2, 1962
Madison, Wisconsin
Last updated on: December 5, 2010.

Roy Welland (born October 2, 1962) is a wine connoisseur and world class bridge player. He lives in New York City and is married to Christal Henner, a champion bridge player in her own right; they have two sons.


Early life

Welland was born in Madison, Wisconsin and raised in Evanston, Illinois. His father taught mathematics at Northwestern University. In 1980, he moved to New York to pursue a career on Wall Street and became an options trader. Over time, he became a wine enthusiast and amassed a wine collection of over 150,000 bottles.

Bridge career

Roy Welland began playing bridge in 1986 when he won the American Contract Bridge League's (ACBL's) Rookie of the Year Award; he went on to win numerous national championships. In 2004, he was on the team chosen by the United States Bridge Federation to represent the country in the World Team Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey. In March 2007, he won the Mott-Smith Trophy. Later that year, he won the Player of the Year Award for best performance in the 2007 national events.

Bridge accomplishments

Awards (3)

Year Award Event Type Level
1986 Rookie of the Year Award Masterpoint Race National (Rookies)
2007 Mott-Smith Trophy Masterpoint Race National
2007 Player of the Year Award Masterpoint Race National

Wins (10)

Year Tournament On Team/Played With Event Type Level
2001 Cavendish Invitational Teams Welland Teams N/A
2001 Reisinger Trophy Welland Teams National
2003 European Open Bridge Championships Welland Teams World
2003 Spingold Welland Teams National
2005 Cavendish Invitational Teams Welland Teams N/A
2005 Victor Mitchell Open Board-a-Match Teams Björn Fallenius (partner), Chip Martel, Lew Stansby, Cezary Balicki, Adam Żmudziński Teams National
2006 Open Swiss Teams Henner-Welland Teams National
2006 Warren Buffett Cup United States Point-a-Board Teams/Pairs/Ind. U.S. & Europe
2007 Vanderbilt National Knockout Teams Henner-Welland Teams National
2007 Silodor Open Pairs Giorgio DuBoin Pairs National
2013 Vanderbilt National Knockout Teams Auken Teams National

Runner-Ups (6)

Year Tournament On Team/Played With Opponent in Final/Winner Event Type Level
2000 Spingold Welland Meltzer Teams National
2005 USBC Welland Ekeblad Teams National
2005 World Transnational Open Teams Championship Spector Schneider Teams World
2006 Cavendish Invitational Teams (Tied for 2-3) Welland Abdou Teams National
2007 Grand National Teams District 24 District 9 Teams National
2008 Spingold Welland Gromov Teams National
2008 Warren Buffett Cup United States Europe Point-a-Board
2010 Reisinger Trophy Smirnov N/A Board-a-Match National
2012 Reisinger Trophy Auken N/A Board-a-Match National