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World Sudoku Championship

2015 World Sudoku Championship Sofia, Bulgaria

The World Sudoku Championship is an annual international sudoku competition organised by a member of the World Puzzle Federation. The first one was held in Lucca in 2006. National teams are determined by local affiliates of the World Puzzle Federation. The competition typically consists of 50 or more puzzles solved by all competitors over multiple timed rounds, including classic sudoku and variations, followed by a playoff for the top qualifiers to determine a champion. Examples of rounds include the Relay round, where an answer from one puzzle contributes digits to the start of the next sudoku, and the "World Record" round, in which solvers competed to set a Guinness World Record for fastest sudoku solution.

Of the 10 championships held so far, Thomas Snyder of USA (2007, 2008 and 2011) and Jan Mrozowski of Poland (2009, 2010 and 2012) have been the most successful winners with three individual titles each, they succedeed to Jana Tylova of Czech Republic (2006) who won the first individual championship.More recently, Kota Morinishi of Japan is emerging as the strongest player of the latest years by winning 2 individual titles in 2014 and 2015.

From 2007 there has also been a team competition. Japan is the most successful team, having added the title won this year (2015) to those won in 2007,2012 and 2014; Germany (2010 and 2011) have won this title twice; Czech Republic (2008), Slovakia (2009) and China (2013) also won a title each.

Starting from 2011, the event has been held alongside the World Puzzle Championship. The 2015 Championship was held in Sofia, Bulgaria

Results summary

Year Host city Host nation Individual Team
Gold Silver Bronze Gold Silver Bronze
2016 TBA Slovakia
2015 Sofia Bulgaria Kota Morinishi Tiit Vunk Jakub Ondroušek Japan China Czech Republic
2014 London United Kingdom Kota Morinishi Tiit Vunk Bastien Vial-Jaime
Jakub Ondroušek(tied)
Japan Germany China
2013 Beijing China Jin Ce Kota Morinishi Jacob Ondrousek China Czech Republic Japan
2012 Kraljevica Croatia Jan Mrozowski Kota Morinishi Hideaki Jo Japan Czech Republic China
2011 Eger Hungary Thomas Snyder Kota Morinishi Tiit Vunk Germany Czech Republic United States
2010 Philadelphia United States Jan Mrozowski Jakub Ondrousek Hideaki Jo Germany Czech Republic Japan
2009 Zilina Slovakia Jan Mrozowski Branko Ceranic Robert Babilon Slovakia Czech Republic Serbia
2008 Goa India Thomas Snyder Yuhei Kusui Jakub Ondrousek Czech Republic Japan Germany
2007 Prague Czech Republic Thomas Snyder Yuhei Kusui Peter Hudak Japan United States Czech Republic
2006 Lucca Italy Jana Tylova Thomas Snyder Wei-Hwa Huang - - -

Starting from 2013, titles have been awarded also for the best players in two age groups, Under 18 and Over 50 years of age.

Year Host city Host nation Under 18 Over 50
Gold Silver Bronze Gold Silver Bronze
2016 TBA Slovakia
2015 Sofia Bulgaria Cheran Sun Tantan Dai Nuo Chen David McNeill Mark Goodliffe Zoran Tanasic
2014 London United Kingdom Dai Tantan Jin Ce Sun Cheran David McNeill Jiri Hrdina Stefano Forcolin
2013 Beijing China Jin Ce Sun Cheran Qiu Yanzhe Henning Karlsgaard Poulsen Liang Yue Stefano Forcolin