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Vidmar Memorial

The Milan Vidmar Memorial is a chess tournament commemorating Milan Vidmar (1885-1962), a leading Slovenian grandmaster.

The first Vidmar Memorial was held in 2-20 June 1969 in Ljubljana. In subsequent years the tournament has been held in several different Slovenian cities.

The event in 1995 at Ptuj was a Zonal Tournament, with Stefan Kindermann who did win, Viktor Korchnoi, and Thomas Luther earning a spot to advance (due to the split of FIDE in 1993, the World Chess Championship cycles with Interzonals and Candidates Tournament collapsed).


# Year City Winner
1 1969 Ljubljana Albin Planinc (Yugoslavia)
2 1973 Ljubljana, Portorož Lajos Portisch (Hungary)
3 1975 Portorož, Ljubljana Anatoly Karpov (Soviet Union)
4 1977 Ljubljana, Portorož Bent Larsen (Denmark)
5 1979 Bled, Portorož Jan Timman (Netherlands)
6 1985 Portorož, Ljubljana Lajos Portisch (Hungary),
Zoltán Ribli (Hungary)
7 1987 Portorož, Ljubljana Ivan Sokolov (Yugoslavia)
8 1989 Ljubljana, Rogaška Slatina Predrag Nikolić (Yugoslavia)
9 1991 Bled, Rogaška Slatina Predrag Nikolić (Yugoslavia)
10 1993 Portorož, Rogaška Slatina Ivan Sokolov (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
11 1995 Ptuj (Zonal) Stefan Kindermann (Germany)
12 1997 Portorož Vadim Zviagintsev (Russia)
13 1999 Portorož Alexander Beliavsky (Slovenia)
14 2001 Portorož Alexander Beliavsky (Slovenia)
15 2003 Portorož Alexander Beliavsky (Slovenia),
Emil Sutovsky (Israel)
16 2005 Portorož Alexander Beliavsky (Slovenia)
17 2007 Ljubljana Duško Pavasovič (Slovenia)