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Doeberl Cup

The Doeberl Cup is an annual chess tournament held in Canberra, Australia. It has been held every year since 1963 and is the longest running weekend chess event in Australia. Since its inception the event has grown both larger and stronger, and often attracts more players than the Australian Chess Championships.

The tournament is held each year over Easter. The tournament runs in 4 sections, with the top section known as the Doeberl Cup Premier. Grandmaster Ian Rogers holds the record for the most number of wins (either outright or on tie-break) with 12.

The Doeberl Cup was named after its primary sponsor, Erich Doeberl, and, after an interregnum following Doeberl's death, in recent years sponsorship has continued through his daughter Rosemary.


All players Australian unless indicated otherwise. With the exceptions of 1970 and 2005, only outright winners or winners on tie-break listed.


Lloyd Fell played in every Doeberl Cup from its inception in 1963 until 2008.